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ATOPS Pilot Study

We are studying cognitive processing speed (i.e., how quickly you can think) and developing a novel measure to assess deficits in individuals with multiple sclerosis.

Conscientiousness App Study

Our team has developed a new psychological treatment aimed at altering and improving lifestyle. Over the course of 12-weeks we work to develop an individual’s ability to better self-reflect, develop tangible and meaningful goals, and ultimately experience positive and continuous behavioral change. You may qualify if you, are 60+ years old, have no history of substance abuse, psychiatric, or neurological disorders, own a smart phone. Participants will be compensated.

Memory and Insight Study

We are looking for healthy adults (age 50+) for a study that looks at brain functioning. You will do cognitive testing- a series of memory games and other tests to determine your cognitive capacity and level of insight.

Scheduling will accommodate your normal work hours. Participants will be compensated.

Participation Involves
– One visit of testing and questionnaires lasting around 2.5 hours
-Study partner will answer a few questionnaires about how they believe you think and feel

Phone: 716-323-0550
Email: jkgillie@buffalo.edu

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