UBMD Neuropsychology

Director: Ralph Benedict, PhD

About Us

Our mission at UBMD Neuropsychology is threefold: rigorous evaluation, early intervention, and cutting edge research.

The sensitivity of our measures and our rigorous neuropsychological evaluation helps intervention to happen the moment a problem arises. Correct understanding of neuropsychological impairments is critical for caregivers and loved ones, promoting understanding and appropriate aid.

Clinical Services

Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis patients can suffer from severe memory impairment. Measurement and evaluation through neuropsychological testing gives us an edge against memory disorders through early diagnosis and interventions.

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We take pride in the progress we have made in the field of neuropsychology. Research informs practice, and we hope that our insights can provide knowledge to clinicians, patients and caregivers alike.

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Contact Us

UBMD Neuropsychology
Conventus Medical Center
1001 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14203

For Clinical Services
Phone: 716-323-0556
Fax: 716-323-0595

For Research Studies
Phone: 716-323-0550
Email: ubneuroresearch@gmail.com

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