UBMD Neurology – Division of Neuropsychology

Our mission at UBMD Neurology: Department of Neuropsychology is threefold: rigorous evaluation, early intervention, and cutting edge research. The sensitivity of our measures and our rigorous neuropsychological evaluation helps intervention to happen the moment a problem arises. Correct understanding of neuropsychological impairments is critical for caregivers and loved ones, promoting understanding and appropriate aid.

– Ralph Benedict PhD, Program Director

Clinical Nuropsychological Services

·  Diagnostic clarification
·  Assessment of cognitive ability
·  Capacity for work and disability qualification
·  Pre-surgery evaluation (e.g. spinal cord stimulator, epilepsy surgery, etc.)
·  Psychiatric status (e.g., personality disorder, psychiatric illness)
·  Determine capacity to manage activities of daily living and live independently

Research Program

·  Psychometric test development
·  Effects of cognitive training
·  Multiple sclerosis
·  Alzheimer’s disease related disorders
·  Pediatric neurological disorders
·  Neuro-Oncology

Contact Us

For Clinical Services

Phone: 716-323-0556

Email: jdberner@buffalo.edu

Fax: 716-829-3010

For Research Studies
Phone: 716-323-0550

Email: neuropsychology@buffalo.edu
Text: 716-202-0123

UBMD Neurology – Division of Neuropsychology
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